When Is The Best Time To Go Scalloping?

When Is The Best Time To Go Scalloping?

Last Updated on April 26, 2022 by Eric

If you’re looking for a fun and tasty summer activity, scalloping is the way to go! But when is the best time to go scalloping? And what are the scalloping season dates? Below, we’ll discuss factors you should consider when deciding when to go scalloping in Florida. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced pro, read on for the scoop on scalloping season!

The scalloping season in Florida typically runs from July to September. Official scallop season varies from year to year and by county in Florida, so check with a local guide or the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission for exact dates.

The best time to scallop depends on your time restraints and personal preference. For instance, if you want to avoid the crowds, you might want to scallop early in the season. Harvesting may also prove more bountiful the earlier in the season you go. On the other hand, scallops are abundant through the end of the official season, so f you’re aiming for a later trip, no worries; there are plenty of scallops to go around.

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The weather is another important factor to consider when scalloping. If you’re not a fan of hot and humid summer days, scalloping early in the season might be a better option for you. But if you don’t mind a little heat, scalloping later in the season can be a great way to enjoy the last few weeks of summer.

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