It’s Grouper Fishing Time In Crystal River

It’s Grouper Fishing Time In Crystal River

Last Updated on November 12, 2021 by Eric

This time of year in Crystal River is simply epic for shallow-water grouper fishing. Alongside, inshore slams and amazing weather round out our days.

Crystal River Grouper Fishing

Most inshore anglers around Florida do not add grouper to their list of inshore fishing targets. Especially during this time of year when big breeder reds are crowding the flats, snook are still lurking in the mangroves, and healthy seatrout are slamming baits left and right (almost, but mostly).

However, in Crystal River, in around 8-30 feet of water, we have rock piles. Right? Well, let me explain.

The Crystal River rock piles located just outside of the hallow flats offer one of the best environments for the flourishing population of gag grouper in the area.

It is at these rock piles where anglers get shots at landing big gag grouper on the same day they are fishing the flats for the other main species.

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Where And When To Target Gag Grouper

Gag grouper in Crystal River is a year-round opportunity. Out in the semi-deper inshore waters where the rock piles have formed, anglers have the means to target these guys on both live and artificial baits.

That said, here is a time of year where most local fishing guides slam on the brakes and switch to targeting gag grouper on a near-daily basis. That time of year is now, between June and December, but fall in October through the start of winter is peak.

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What Else Is Biting Right Now?

That’s the beauty of the area, there is plenty more to catch right now. We mentioned earlier that there are shots at big breeder redfish, but the resident juvenile and slot-sized species are out and ready to give your offering a nibble, a gulp, and a zing – Fish On!

In the pic below (cropped for space, there are more fish on that table) a recent guest is shown with an inshore slam. This is not the most uncommon thing, but for this angler, he has never fished the area before, and with captain Casey behind the wheel, landed an inshore slam on his first go in Crystal River.

A picture of It's Grouper Fishing Time In Crystal River with Crystal River Fishing Charters

That says a lot in itself, but the point really is that there are all your inshore favorites; snook, redfish, seatrout, and more available right now – as well as epic inshore grouper fishing.

What more could you ask for?

Fish With Captain Casey

Captain Casey here at Crystal River Guide Service is your local go-to pro in the area. He focuses on grouper and inshore fishing while providing the knowledge, personality, and gear to get you on the fish – during any time of year.

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